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Salon Services

Here at Wags & Whiskers, we can ensure that your pet will have the best experience possible while visiting us.  We will care for each and every pet like it was our own. Our services are tailored to your needs and the needs of your pet. Wags & Whiskers primary concerns are the comfort of your pet and your satisfaction. 

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Packages and Extra Fees

Every pet is different and unique. For this reason, all prices are subject to change and are only estimates until pick-up. We try our best to give you the closest possible price, but certain issues may arise that could cause this to change. 

We will be adding our pricing list to the website soon, but until then, give us a call and it would be our pleasure to assist you with your questions.

Extra Services

Healthy Add-ons

While the packages above might be all you need, we also offer customized services to add to your pet's bath and haircut visit. These additional services are only $5.00 more when joined with the prior services.
Toothbrushing: We use a natural and safe toothpaste with single use toothbrushes only used on your pup. We also encourage at home care when it comes to their teeth. When purchasing the toothbrushing add-on, you will have the option of taking the toothbrush home to continue routine care.
Anal Gland Expression: We all know this has been a high profile debate in the veterinarian and grooming world, but Wags & Whiskers encourages limiting of expression only when needed or if a veterinarian strongly recommends it for your pup.

Pet Bathing

Bath and Brush Package

Is your fluffy family member starting to look a little unkempt? Did he feel like he needed a mud bath in the yard recently? We can take care of that here! Our Bath and Brush Package includes a minimum of two baths with our natural, high quality shampoo, a wonderful creme rinse to moisturize their skin and make their coat feel silky smooth and a fluff dry that will pop up their coat and remove excess shedding hair. This package also includes ear cleaning and plucking, a good brush out and nail buffing ( granted your pup permits us). 
They will be ready to strut their stuff out on the town after this visit!

Pet Styling

Bath and Haircut Package

Does your pet need a new look? Is she getting a bit too fluffy for comfort? Our Bath and Haircut package is a great option for those cuddly buddies who need routine care in the hair department. 
This package includes a bath, fluff out, ear cleaning and plucking, nail buffing (granted your pup permits it) and hair cut (directed by your preference).