Packages and Additional Services


Below are a list of our services.

Every pet is different and due to that, prices vary. All prices are ONLY ESTIMATES.

Please take into consideration situations that can arise which will affect the price range. Matted coats and pups that need a little extra help on the table are common cases.  Here are the price ranges for extra services, a-la-carte services and additional package services to give you a closer estimate: 

Matting (brushing per 1/2 hour)                          $10.00                                                                    A-la-carte Services:

Special Handling (extra groomer)                      $10.00

Flea removal (required if fleas are found)         $5.00                                                         Anal Gland Expression                     $10.00

Shaving inconsistent with breed                       $10.00                                                        Toothbrushing                                  $10.00

                                                                                                                                                 Nail Trim (Buffing included)             $12.00

Other additions to packages :                                                                                               Face Trim                                          $15.00

ANAL GLANDS ARE BY REQUEST ONLY                                                                            Paw Trim                                           $10.00

Anal Gland Expression (external)                       $5.00                                                         Sanitary Trim                                    $10.00

Toothbrushing                                                      $5.00

CBD dose (for stressed pets)     

                            Small Dog                                 $5.00

                            Large Dog                                $10.00

Grooming and Bathing

Every pet is different. Different coats, different temperaments, different needs. Due to these situations, we request that you message us or call to get a more accurate estimate of your pet's spa price. Always keep in mind that other situations may arise during the grooming/bathing, such as matting, fearfulness and other special requirements/needs for each pet. For these reasons, prices vary.